1. 78vantage's Avatar
    Anybody know of a good tinder app? Hopefully native to bb10
    08-26-14 03:33 AM
  2. Pluto is a planet's Avatar
    The android one works perfectly for me on .1052. Loads up quickly and no lag when swiping

    Posted via CB10
    08-26-14 03:42 AM
  3. 78vantage's Avatar
    Even for z10?
    08-26-14 03:45 AM
  4. Tstark14's Avatar
    Just search on bing.com or Google "Tinder APK" and use the site www.apk4fun.com. Follow the link given and download it. I've had no issues using it and it's pretty fluid.

    If you prefer a native client, Nemory Studios has been working on an App called "Timber". It's in BlackBerry World Beta so you would need a Beta account but that should be free as well. His version of Snapchat is my most used app and he responds well to users.

    Hopefully, this helps out!

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    08-27-14 01:12 PM
  5. anon(7819255)'s Avatar
    I'm sure this is relevant to the thread (somehow)... anyway, I'm having some issues with Tinder (the Android app). I could not get past the Facebook Login popup. It keeps on showing me that my login failed and list out three possible reasons why. I deleted and reinstalled the app (via Amazon Appstore and 1Mobile) and got zilch. I opened my Facebook app before opening Tinder and got zilch. I updated my Facebook password on the device and on Facebook and got zilch. Then I used an outdated version of Tinder (from the link given by Tstark14). That barely worked since it is so outdated (i.e. broken UI, broken user search) but at least it got past the Facebook login.

    I have Timber by Nemory but I would rather have an updated working app (Android or Native) than a native app with limited functions with no updates (nb: I heard Nemory stopped working on Timber).

    I'm using a Z10 (with 10.2.1) and been using it since last year. No issues with any Android app till now. I apologise if I'm hijacking another thread. I'm sure this is relevant... somehow. :/

    EDIT: never mind. The app fixed itself after a hard reboot and having its own alone time for two hours. All fixed.
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    09-10-14 12:45 AM
  6. jb4trucks's Avatar
    Why do you need A Facebook acct. To use the beta version of tender for tinder? What is mined or exposed?

    Posted via CB10
    09-10-14 07:43 AM

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