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    Hello there! I currently have an LG G4 and am an avid android fan. I do however like to tinker with other OS's, I have a Nokia 640 windows phone as well. Im thinking of picking up a blackberry device (must be available on verizon, and less than $100) with decent specs. I think that pretty much leaves me with the Q10 or Z10 (or maybe Z30). Im leaning more toward the Q10 as its a classic blackberry, and my very first smartphone was a BB Curve, Nostalgia.

    I guess im asking, can the BB devices on VZW still function properly, and I also read that they can run android apps via a type of emulation? This would be solely a backup device and to play with. I read that some runtimes need to be updated for some apps to work properly? Should I give it a go or just stick with droids?

    Thanks everyone!
    08-20-16 07:38 PM
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    I have an LG G4 and love Android. I am also on VZW and they don't offer anything now but the Priv. They don't stock the Z10 or Z30 anymore, so you would be buying someone's old device. They Classic isn't even available in any of their flagship stores.

    Assuming you don't mind finding a device online and buying it from someone used (or maybe there are new ones for CDMA languishing out there) then you can use any of them as backups. I have an old Z30 that i used for three days while i waited for a replacement G4. It gave me email, text and i could take pictures. As for apps, you can't really run the type you are used to. The emulation you mention is a workaround and it is not very satisfying to someone who has everything at their fingertips like we android users do.

    Sure, get one for a backup. Don't expect it to do much but keep you in touch.
    08-20-16 08:58 PM

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