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    "The Q10 can be updated to the latest bb10 update but doesn't officially support whatsapp as of November of last year. However, you can install the WAA Fixer and still be able to use whatsapp despite the change."
    Does anyone know where I can purchase a BB10 with the capacity to upload the WAA fixer to enable whatsapp?

    "It's possible to use WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10 phones like the Q10 but it's a bit involved:

    has anyone tried this??
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    02-07-18 09:37 AM
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    If you are looking to buy a BB10 phone..... and need WhatsApp, don't.

    Yes right now you can get some different workarounds, but the developer has stated that there are additional changes coming that might block all of these workarounds. BB10 just isn't a good investment at this point.

    If you own a BB10 device and are just trying to get by.... https://forums.crackberry.com/showth...1#post13116815
    02-07-18 09:57 AM

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