1. anon(8982767)'s Avatar
    I want to give blackberry feedback and ideas on there next products or software is there a way to contact blackberry for that
    07-11-15 10:52 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    So do I. Beta Zone seems to be the only channel left right now.
    07-11-15 11:20 PM
  3. BB Adict's Avatar
    Good luck boys. What gives you any idea that Blackberry is inclined to listen to anyone?

    Posted via CB10
    07-12-15 01:04 AM
  4. anon(8982767)'s Avatar
    Beta zone is not good enough
    07-12-15 09:33 AM
  5. Loc22's Avatar
    Try tweeter, I've used it several times & so many of my requested features on BBM has been realised to a certain extent. Just go #BBM or #BlackBerry or go on to their official account & comment.

    Posted via CB10
    Madhuchandran likes this.
    07-12-15 09:37 AM

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