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    I got a blackberry Classic from ebay unlocked Verizon hoping to be able to activate it on straight talk, the seller adds states that is a Verizon unlocked world wide and straight talk compatible.
    It looks brand new is the, Classic SQC100-3, I bought the straight talk activation kit at Walmart and try to activate it with the Verizon SIM chip but at the end it keeps telling me that this phone is not compatible.
    I have not call customers services since like a year ago I called them and my experience with them was not the best.
    I am boost mobile customer and I need a new phone I am a blackberry user but they can't activated the classic ether.
    I might be able to activate it on Verizon but I need more data than what they offer on prepay plans. That's the reason why I would like to activate it on ST.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks for your time and help!!!

    You can email me at [deleted by moderator]
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    08-22-16 05:16 PM
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    i would think calling the carrier is something you need to do.
    08-23-16 08:35 AM

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