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    Is there really a shake function in BB Z10?
    When I'm listening to music using my headset and accidentally shake my phone, sometimes the music stops, skip to the next music, activate the voice command, etc. But when my headset is not inserted and tried to shake it, nothing happened.

    What should I do? Thanks!

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    09-02-14 09:22 AM
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    Oh sweety you did make me laugh with this one. Thanks! I'm working on a very boring presentation and this will give me the boost to finish it!

    Now, the answer:

    Is there really a shake function in BB Z10?-between-blackberry-z10s-volume-buttons-voice-control-key-829369-35583323-8818-610x.jpg

    You're pressing them by accident!

    Holding the middle buttom activates voice control. Pressing it pauses (or resumes) a song. Holding the volume keys skips to the next (+) or previous (-) song.

    On a sidenote, 10.3 is bringing something on that front. Turn the device facedown to enable silent mode, pick up to activate the screen amd the likes. Who knows, 10.3.1 might bring shuffling....
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    09-02-14 10:19 AM
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    Thanks for the info! It was a great help

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    09-15-14 12:00 PM

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