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    Hello, I've been an iPhone user since the original iPhone and have found them very good, but painful for business apps, email, editing etc. The Passport seems like it could solve all my problems, but I do a lot of cycling and have wrecked 2 iPhones getting them wet. Unfortunately for me, it will be a deal breaker if there's no (decent) waterproof case and bike mount holder. Hopefully the iMapmy RIde will improve for BBRY. I've spent an hour or two looking around but I'm not overly (at all) familiar with the BB ecosystem, so haven't had any luck. Can anyone provide insight on possible accessory's or is the market likely to be too small (I hope not) for the case makers to get going?


    Pete Mc
    10-06-14 10:58 AM
  2. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    If you've had a particular brand of waterproof case for you iPhones, it would probably be best to contact them and see if they'll be making those same cases for the Passport. Although.... the BlackBerry market for accessories isn't that high, compared to the others out there. Hopefully the Passport selling out twice will help accessory makers change their mind about BlackBerry.
    10-06-14 11:24 AM

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