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    Hello! I'm kind of new to Blackberry, and recently I was given a bold 9900. I was able to unlock it (it used to be tied to at&t), but haven't got on any plan yet. But there's my dilemma: I read that sometimes owners of bb7 devices are unable to get data or calling to work on. Their phone. I was particularly considering ConsumerCellular, and I read that some people had troubles. Does anyone know what cheap plans are out there, that would get me data and/or calling? Do I need a bis plan? Where do I get it?
    02-06-15 10:41 PM
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    You can surf and call also text with the Bold.
    To use BBM and push your e-mails to the phone you need BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service). It is offered by your provider for a monthly fee and is added to your plan. Sometimes, they change your plan because you got BIS from 1 to 3 Gb so you get sth for the money (negociate).
    Oh... one thing... the IMEI of the phone should not be blacklisted... if you found the phone or bought a stolen phone second hand, the owner might have blocked BIS.

    Workhorse: BlackBerry|Q10, SQN100-3, OS; Power Workhorse: BlackBerry|Passport, SQW100-1, OS; Germany.
    02-06-15 11:35 PM

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