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    I'm playing pokemon fire red (unfinished business) and it's been running fine. I even learned how to transfer files to PC to use VisualBoyAdvance (VBA) emulator to trade with myself,ose JohnGBA by swiping window away as usual (the game has an autosave feature that always loads exactly where you left off). But the next time I go to play, a file that is about 20 hours behind, 94 pokemon owned! Arggghhh the pain, the pain of it all!!! I sw and successfully transfer files back to phone to continue my quest. I was just on my way to the elite four, about 60 hours game time, 149 pokemon owned, things are looking sweet. I clpie the window away quickly. It re-opens again to the same place (oh fantastic, now autosave wants to work again).

    I've tried importing files to PC and trying to load in VBA, but the same old .sav file loads. I've tried load battery state from VBA but same problem. I do notice in the 'Johnemulators' file on my phone that the files are all dated today at the time things went wrong. All except the two files within the 'State' file that are dated 11 days ago. But these files are'.jg0' and '.js0' format; I don't know if they're useful.

    That's about all I have to say about that. Any help would be much appreciated.
    11-25-16 06:47 AM

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