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    When I receive texts they don't show up in the hub or the text folder. I can find them under in my contacts under the contact name. Need to get them posting to the hub. Any ideas?
    03-25-19 05:26 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Which device are you using? - https://crackberry.com/hub-services-...-and-call-logs
    03-25-19 05:30 PM
  3. Gbtoccata1964's Avatar
    03-25-19 07:29 PM
  4. marc lepage's Avatar
    I had the same thing happen to me yesterday on my Key2. I have to open the text app to see my texts now as texts are completely eliminated from Hub. I was forced to do an update when going into my calendar and the message in the update said that Google Privacy rules require the removal of texts from Hub. But, this is really sad if it is so!
    03-28-19 07:09 AM
  5. Tonymcc2's Avatar
    this is another example of google giving you what they want you to have ...certainly not what you want them to give you!!!
    04-05-19 11:01 AM
  6. chileverde's Avatar
    I wish I had seen this thread before I ran into the problem and tried to solve it myself. Now I can't see anything in the Hub views, not e-mail, not the call log, and not texts.

    I had to do a factory reset of my KeyONE BBB100-7 due to other problems (could not sign on to Google and could not read e-mail in Hub).

    After I did the reset everything was working, except that I could not read texts in the Hub. I saw there had just been updates to Hub Inbox and Hub Services, so I decided to uninstall the updates. Now everything worked! I set those two programs not to auto-update, and I thought I was safe for a while.

    But today Calendar auto-updated, and when I tried to access it, I got a message that I had to update Hub Services. When I did, I lost the ability to see texts in Hub again.

    Now I uninstalled updates for ALL Hub apps. After I did that, could not get anything at all to show up in Hub general views!! If I go to the general view for my e-mail account, I see nothing. The only thing that works is opening a specific e-mail folder—then I can see a list and open e-mails.

    I am going to re-read the information Bla1ze posted to see if I can get any of this to work better. In the meantime, I clicked "refresh" on the Calendar and lost all the entries, but I have those backed up with MyPhoneExplorer. I guess "refresh" meant to delete everything.

    I will also appreciate any suggestions.


    I have everything working now. Hub+ works as it is supposed to now. I can see e-mails (sent and received), phone calls (sent and received) and SMS (ONLY received).

    However, perhaps when Hub+ apps including Calendar updated, it assumed my Calendar data should be associated with the e-mail of my Google account. I don't receive e-mail from the account on the phone. The phone does not have the password—for the phone's purposes, I just use the e-mail as a user name for my Google account. So when I tapped Refresh, since Calendar could not access a Calendar associated with the e-mail address, it deleted everything!

    I had to delete the Google account from the phone. Then I could sync with MyPhoneExplorer and get the Calendar data back into a Local Account. Later I signed in to Google again, so I can use the account to buy things on the Play Store, but I hid the e-mail account on Calendar.

    Instructions for hiding an account from Calendar are at https://docs.blackberry.com/en/apps-...l1428339644539
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    04-08-19 01:49 PM
  7. 2cats1dog's Avatar
    I have had the same issue since an update 2 or 3 wks ago. Texts which I initiated from the hub are visible, but nothing I receive or initiate from another menu (ie: contacts).

    older texts received prior to the update have disappeared from Hub, but I can find them in Messages app (which I never use!). When I try to open an existing text conversation from the Hub, it opens Messages app - but not the conversation I had wanted ... I have to scroll and look for it all over again. (grrr!)

    This makes using Android BlackBerry just like an iPhone!

    Problem on Dtek60
    04-08-19 02:06 PM
  8. ppeters914's Avatar
    It's been posted several times that this is the new behavior regarding texts after you update to latest Hub due to Google.

    Yes, it's annoying, but nothing BlackBerry, Ltd or BlackBerry Mobile (aka TCL) can do.
    04-08-19 04:46 PM
  9. chileverde's Avatar
    Yes, actually, there is one thing BlackBerry and Optiemus (for people like me with a BBB100-7) could have done—they could have just sent an e-mail telling us to expect that Hub+ would function differently after the update. That would have saved me the hours I spent trying to troubleshoot the changes before I found the information about the changes on this Forum.
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    04-08-19 05:24 PM

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