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    There have been 2 system updates recently. I believe one of them caused this condition. Say I have a text thread going with my sister. It's not a long thread by no means, as I keep Hub cleaned out routinely...I hate long threads. OK, one day she sends me a picture. When my phone beeps, I open Hub. It shows no new text from her in that thread. What it does show is a new thread, with no name. It's blank. When I touch it, the phone acts like I'm trying to delete it. If I open my sister's thread, the picture is there, as it should be. If I delete the blank message, the picture is gone from her thread. It's all very goofy. Hub version, Android 6.0.1, Message+ version 6.4.212. I don't think Message+ is involved, because in that app, everything is normal with no blank messages. Thanks.
    06-09-17 08:56 AM

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