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    Since mid November our Telus Blackberry privs Model (STV100-3) (Adroid version 6.0.1) using activesync cannot download attachments frequently.
    Error message "Cannot display attachment - cannot download" it has a red cirle with exclaimation mark in it.

    As per blackberry and Telus

    I have updated operating systems. Hub and hub + services are up todate. I have rebooted, removed the account, readded the account within the hub. Does not matter if I am wifi or cellular data.

    2/3/2017 As per blackberry I have added the account with gmail as well and gmail does not download the file.

    I have one test user with rogers and microsoft activesync on the same server. - no issues what soever with downloading attachments.

    One of my users went Los Angeles for 10 days with no issue on the Verizon network.

    Has anyone else had this problem.
    02-08-17 01:55 PM

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