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    So went to the local AT&T store and behold I actually found a demo device immediately in the store.

    Not because BlackBerry posters were posted all over announcing the PRIV but more so because I figured I just had to look in THE BACK CORNER of the store. And yes there it was tucked away haha!

    Never mind that the demo unit actually wasn't being powered it was just there, so after listening to the rep tell me all sorts of inaccurate info about the device like, it's running MARSHMALLOW and it has a 16MP camera, loool. Of course I'm subtle so I didn't correct him. But what I can say is that he was genuinely surprised about the device which is cool.

    Minutes later he gets the whole console rewired and boots up the BlackBerry PRIV and OH MY was I impressed. I'm getting this phone. Never mind that 15 minutes into demo'ing the device the screen started to flicker and go black when switching between actions on the phone. Hmmmm reminded me of something I have experienced before on BB10s but I'm calming my mind with the fact that they probably didn't update all the updates fixes blackberry has been pushing. At least so my BlackBerry loyal heart wants to think.

    Other than that I don't see myself not getting this device it feels extremely cool and different and that's what I want. Was dreading going over to the iSide!! Looks like I don't have to.

    Will keep a close eyes on some more reviews and we will see.
    How are you guys out there feeling about the device

    Posted via CB10
    11-06-15 08:01 PM

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