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    Hi, I was messing about trying to get Android APK's to install on my BB Classic...after reading through many threads on this I replaced sys.android on my device, thinking it was going to get me somewhere. Now I think I'm stuck with an old version of this file and after security wiping my device I think I am still stuck with an old version of this file.
    sys.android -
    Could someone please advise if there is a newer version of this that will allow me to install APK's direct from the File Manager?
    I think I've shot myself in the foot here trying to figure this stuff out. Am also downloading to install via Autoloader in the hope I get sys.android back to a current version but not sure if this is a good idea since my phone carrier isn't running with this version yet.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    05-25-15 07:30 AM
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    you need to find an autoloader for your phone and download it. The cable your phone and click the exe. it will wipe everything you have so you might want to backup your phone first. replacing android runtimes never works out well. Just reload. Get the OS from here

    it doesn't matter which OS your carrier is running. Many are not even going to update to 10.3.1 DO you want to never have it?
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    05-25-15 07:55 AM
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    Thanks for the advice and link. I presume is ok to go with the Z30 software on my Classic?
    My device is SQC100-1. Sachesi page says to install for my device, should I be putting 10.3.2 on Classic or is it supposed to be for Z30 only at this stage.

    Edit: have done a lot of searching/reading...think I'll stick to until I know 10.3.2.x can be rolled back in case I need to. Tempted but cautious, only got this phone 2 days ago.
    Thanks again.
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    05-25-15 08:02 AM
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    Post updating to my Amazon Appstore has seemingly died. When I launch it a green progress bar comes up, which looks promising..until it stops at about 80% and hangs my phone...only option is to hold down power button and restart.
    I've found other threads reporting similar but no fix really.
    Does anyone know if there is a simple way to resolve this please or know why it's failing?
    Seems to be happening on other apps also, I downloaded Lastpass from Blackberry World...same green progress bar either crashes out midway back to home screen or just hangs and I have to restart my phone.

    Have done a backup and restore (leaving BB Runtime unchecked) but this didn't have any impact on the issue.sys.android version -
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    05-25-15 06:36 PM
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    Did you ever find a solution?
    11-19-16 08:40 AM

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