1. jackwaldon's Avatar
    Okay, I have a question. I've been running BB10 since the first day Verizon starting selling the Z10. But, there is one thing that has perplexed me.

    I am running a Q10 and my computer is Windows 7. I like to sync music to my device. But, one issue that I've ran into is that my music tends to fill up my sd card. then, I don't have room for pictures. I have a 64 GB SD card.

    Obviously, I can choose to only sync a subset of my music library. however, this is what I would prefer:
    1. I could designate a certain amount of space on my sd card (say 32 GB) for music.
    2. From my computer, I'd designate what syncs through a playlist (I already to that part).
    3. BlackBerry link (or some other software) would sync that much space worth of music and then stop.
    4. Bonus: Every time I resynced the device, it would mix up what is actually on my device.

    Is there a way to do this via Windows Media Player and/or BlackBerry Link? Or maybe some other tools?

    08-17-14 07:00 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    I never sync music. I drag my folders to the SD card and use it that way. I don't trust Link to sync it properly.

    I create playlists on the device.
    08-17-14 08:28 PM

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