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    Hi, just bought a passport original edition which came with a sync pod and the hard shell back. Problem is the passport won't fit in the dock without me taking the case off, I could remove the plastic chunk on the pod but it doesn't feel secure without it. Can anyone recommend a decent dock which would fit passport with case. I. Don't want to take the case on and off all the time. I noticed that he classic I'd a slightly thicket phone so I may be able to buy a classic dock an use this? Thanks in.advance.

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    06-10-16 05:49 AM
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    the Passport SE sync pod has the ability to be interchangeable between using it with the OEM shell case very similar to the shell case you have, if you have the BlackBerry OEM Shell for OG

    the instructions with BlackBerry sync pods shows you how to use it with or without whatever shell case, and the sync pod has 3 parts:

    - the base
    - the cradle
    - the OEM shell case or no case adapter (you take this part and flip it around for use with the case)

    Sync pod redommendation-win_20160610_15_04_55_pro.jpg

    that is probably the worst picture ever posted - first time using the camera on this tablet LOL

    i know the SE is different than the OG, but i am pretty sure BlackBerry sync pods all have these same 3 parts and the option to use it with or without the OEM shell for whatever device you have
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    06-10-16 04:05 PM
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    OK. As I bought mine second hand I only received the sync pod it's self with the removable bit attached. So it seems that you can use it with a the original hard shell case on. Can't read the leaflet your attached to figure it out though lol.

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    06-10-16 05:20 PM
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    It seems that only the silver edition sync pod has the ability to have the removable bit turned around to allow use with a case. It looks ever so slightly different to the original passport sync pod. Shame

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    06-11-16 02:02 AM

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