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    I was forced to switch to priv ( bb classic died - insurance sent priv) it's been a weekend and I am dying.

    There are a few thing I am praying someone know how to fix...
    1. Selecting a contact for SMS text - on BB you just start typing a name in the to: bar and it auto populates contacts that match typing.... on priv I have to click to, then contacts, then search contacts. Why so complicated!? Is there a way to get back to click-type-send?

    2. Facebook messages in hub. Facebook shows in hub, but no notifications are there

    3. Backup- where and how does this back up to?

    4. Contacts in my bedroom all my contacts Picts were populated by the linked Facebook or LinkedIn pics...now they're just color bubbles...how to get back?

    5. Also in contacts can we get rid of the multi colors?

    6. Voicemail doesn't show in hub and cannot seem to add it.

    All this said...is the keyone going to be better and more blackberry-like? Should I grin and bear it until that rolls out? I love my bb despite constant mocking because it is (was) a serious efficient machine. I feel like android has taken that away. I feel like everything now requires 10steps for what once used to be one easy click. I hate to say it and never thought I would but iPhone is looking better and better.

    Please help!!!

    I am on android version 6.0.1
    03-12-17 05:21 PM
  2. Outrunner's Avatar
    Hi. I switched from the Passport to the Priv. I will be getting the KEYone next. I prefer BB10, but it's not really an option anymore. I also require external memory, so iPhone is not possible for me. The KEYone is still an Android phone, not a BB10 phone, so you'll have many of the same issues you currently have, except the phone will ship with Android 7.1.1. I like the KEYone, personally.

    1) When I launch messages and hit the + icon to send a message, my Priv goes to "To:" automatically, and as I type a name, it finds the contact I want by narrowing down. I choose the contact and I'm ready to compose the message.

    I don't know if I can adequately respond to the other questions.
    03-12-17 10:27 PM

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