1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I can't upload video to Youtube from my Torch. It had been working & I had uploaded videos but the past few days it will not upload at all. It gets to 100% then says it can't establish a connection-error 400. I don't understand what is wrong suddenly. I posted about the problem on BB forums & made sure to state that I'm not tech savvy at all. I got a very long answer that for my untechnical mind may have well been written in a foreign language. I couldn't understand what they were telling me at all. In a month I'm due for an upgrade--I had been thinking of going to a Q10 but I'm now considering just going to an I phone or a Samsung. Almost everybody I know has an I phone and they don't have any of the problems I have. Plus everything they do loads a whole lot faster while I sit here with my countdown clock going around.....
    07-15-14 08:45 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Unfortunately, there is no 'simple' answer for you. If you're not technical in any way, then it becomes rather difficult to fully explain the process. I do find your post a bit confusing though, you say eventually you'll grab a Q10 but for now you'll be grabbing an iPhone or Android device because their stuff loads fast, the same results can be had on a Q10.

    Not my place to tell you what phone to buy, that's a personal choice, but you should at least try a Q10 before you hop into an iPhone or Android device because I assure you, they have issues as well. Every device does at some point.
    07-15-14 09:04 PM
  3. Shelly LeBlanc's Avatar
    I'm the person who submitted the original question. As for getting another phone I had been thinking of staying with BB and going to a Q10. But with the problems I've been having with my Torch I'm beginning to think I'd be better off going to an Iphone or the Samsung. Just about 99% of the people I know that have smart phones have one of these. No one I know personally has a BB so there's no one I can ask for help. They don't even understand the phone at the AT & T store where I bought it. What I don't understand is how it works one day & then the next day I'm doing the exact same thing & it no longer works. It only gives me two choices to send video--either to Youtube or via Bluetooth. Can't send it email and can't load it directly to FB. I've now tried loading it to FB by signing on to the full site, not the mobile site and it loads partway and then just hangs there . I own a pet sitting/dogwalking business & my clients like seeing video of their pets. Looks like I'll just have to use my digital camera to take video and to hell with the Torch.
    07-15-14 09:17 PM

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