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    06-14-15 05:36 PM
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    It just happened now here while trying to write this question-wasnt finished and it closed on me and went to that turning circle thing. But the unedited question posted- any app including browswer stops mid task and minimizes on it soen, or will not open at all. I am getting error message such as

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    06-14-15 05:42 PM
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    Crap - it keeps happening- closing the app on me before i can get whole error msg typed and now my question is no longer in the "Unanswered Questions" because I keep having to post a reply to my own question to add to this *(I dont see an edit option on the CB app-I may have to go to my computer to edit my question ORpost as a new Question again
    I will try once more to type out the error msg (which is long and I may make a typo cuz I have to hand type it from wrItten down on notepad cuz I didnt see a way o copy/paste the error msg - )so hoping I dont make a typo- but somone fluent in the code language can probable get the gist of what it is saying is wrong Im on OS 10.3.500 on my Classic

    JAVASCRIPT ALERT accsess to "http://device./4seeresults.com/detect?accessToken=1044315147&ua=Mozilla/5.0%20(BB10;%20kbd)%20AppleWebKit/537.35+%20(KHTML,%20like%Gecko)%20Version10.3.500% 20Mobile%20Safari/537.35+"not allowed.

    NOTE- blue hyperlink font was NOT in original error menage, but shows up hyperlink blue here)
    The following is MOSTLY Off Topic from here on, but somewhat slightly related :
    This is only one (and the worst of the numerous frustratingly annoying problems I have had with this "new Classic I bought only less than 2 months ago"as new" 2nd hand. It really is not worth it I am deducing to buy a device even as new without a warranty from private party especiully if he proce is anywhere near what u cvan get it for retail with a warranty.. I do plan to ask the seller if thereis any warranty he got with when he bought it, but I fear ieven if there is, that it wont be applicable to me (as the not original buyer*) I will never buy an as new end hand device again without a warranty that is applicable to me - even tho I did buy a Q10 secind hand and had no problems whatsoever--IF there is a problem on a purchased 2nd hand device, even if as new, I cant afford to be out the money if fixing or read placing it is not covered on some warranty applicable to me. So I now believe ve it is not worth taking the chance buying 2nd hand(even listed as new) unless the price is way,way lower than retail- to compensate for no warranty)
    This is not the only problem I have had with this device, although, so far it is the worst problem. ) I have also had other problems from the very first week I got it - but they were intermittently infrequent, so that I wasn't sure whether was the learning curve or my wireless network being slow to not respond to tap or touch) The problem with non response to touch, tap has become more and more frequent and keep having to minimize an email or other window and go back in to get touchscreen to respond to back button or other button that wont respond)

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    06-14-15 06:40 PM

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