1. anon8898370's Avatar
    Is there an app (Android or BB) that can give access to Apple Airport Express so I can stream my Spotify to it. I have a Airport Express hooked up to a Russound Home system. Currently only way of using is on my iPad via Airplay. If not is there a device I can replace the Express with that will do same thing but compatible with BlackBerry / Android?

    Posted from my Z30 with Google Play Store
    08-05-15 11:43 AM
  2. anon8898370's Avatar
    Anyone? Hard to believe there are no device options to airport express or app options to use with it on a BlackBerry 10 phone?

    Posted from my Z30 with Google Play Store
    08-06-15 07:47 AM
  3. Newbiez's Avatar
    Hello, did you found something ?
    10-02-16 08:51 AM

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