1. for_the_love_of_qwerty's Avatar
    Hi, everybody - just curious, has anyone found the latest version of Strava (that is, 4.3, which has useful new features) patched to work with OS 10.3.1? If I try and update I get the Google Play issue (at best, that's if it even sort-of opens); a patched version with Lucky Patcher doesn't help. I haven't been able to get anything higher than 4.0 to work. Thank you!

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    03-22-15 03:34 AM
  2. dman2009's Avatar
    I have Strava 4.3.1 working on a Verizon Z10 (STL-4) running OS I haven't had an issue with Strava since OS 10.2.1.

    I've always used Cobalt's Gmaps Patcher and his patched version of Google Play Services without any issues. The trick is to delete Strava on your device before doing an update. Then install the latest version using Snap. Move the apk file from wherever snap stores it to your PC and run the Gmaps patcher on it. Then put it back on your phone and install it via the file manager. Be sure to delete the unpatched version on you phone before installing the patched version. Log back into Strava and you're back in business!
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    03-22-15 03:49 AM
  3. scottdpreece's Avatar
    Where would SNAP store the APK file on your PC?
    04-02-15 07:08 PM
  4. billybobsa's Avatar
    Strava 344 appears to have stopped working with 10.3.2 beta. It appears app cannot connect to the Strava server.

    "Server error. The strava server has encountered an error. Please contact support if problem persists."

    What a ball ache, I must say I don't know how much longer the hub is going to compensate for all these work arounds I need to load when a new beta is released.
    04-04-15 06:14 AM
  5. billybobsa's Avatar
    Removed the app, tried the new version which has not been GMapped so doesn't work. Reloaded my patched version of 344 and it works like it used to.

    Edit: Patched 379, works flawlessly. I guess that's the price of being a BB fanboy.
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    04-04-15 10:52 PM
  6. for_the_love_of_qwerty's Avatar
    Thanks a lot, Dman..it worked. I realized I was doing two things wrong - one, the patched version hadn't completed patching (it takes awhile and you need confirmation) and two, the URLs for Cobalt's fixes wouldn't work on the phone but worked fine on the PC (so, Scott, maybe that's what was meant with the PC storage), which I then e-mailed to myself for retrieval on the Q10. Not sure, maybe either of those would have worked alone but together they both seem to work find now, and so I can start using running autopause (the reason I wanted to update Strava). Thanks again...

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    04-05-15 10:59 AM
  7. piggz's Avatar
    Maybe its just me, but the 2 versions of strava I have used since they added the 'photo upoad' feature, the latest being 379, are very unstable. I find the app crashing while recording rides _all_ the time...usually while its in my pocket, but ive seen it close in front of my eyes.

    For now im going to try going back to an older version, or, failing that, use ViewRanger to record and manually upload the GPX files.

    Anyone else had problems? Im patching the same way using Lucky Patcher .... havnt updated my Google Play files in a while from Cobalt, maybe I should try that too.
    04-10-15 12:29 PM
  8. Just Me's Avatar
    Excited to give this a try when I get back to my computer to use snap. I have not had any luck using lucky patcher either.

    I don't really plan to use the record feature on my phone. I just want it to review segments after the fact.

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    05-17-15 06:57 AM

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