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    Hello all,
    I love CrackBerry and am constantly reading all the articles etc such a great community but I'm new to posting and the forums so please be nice

    I've just had this really strange Email with a document titled NEWYORK enclosed, obviously I haven't opened the attachment but was wondering if any body has also received something like this either past or present? Also its currently sat in my inbox on my MacBook I've enclosed a screenshot of it and really hope someone can shed some light on it because its kind of worrying me a little I don't want any harm to come to my beloved Q10 or my MacBookPro.

    In all honesty wasn't a huge fan of BlackBerry's till BB7 and I totally fell in love with my 9900, I'd tried previous models but couldn't get on with the older operating systems so for me previous to my 9900 I use to get my QWERTY kicks from the Nokia E series. I'm now an extremely happy Q10 user one of the best phones I've ever used and BlackBerry10 is in my the best OS on the market. I work in a high profile gaming and gadget exchange store chain hear in the UK so have had pretty much every phone out there but it's BlackBerry all the way now for me, so torn between either the Passport or the Classic (still prefer calling it the Q20 though) but here's the odd email I received with the address it came from. Please help and Kind regards to all.
    Strange Email from "RIM - togetherworks0@home.net" please help!-img_20141030_220113.png

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    10-30-14 07:00 PM
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    Looks like a strange email indeed.. Wouldn't open that attachment, even though it's highly unlikely to do nothing to your phone

    On another note, I'd remove that second attached picture asap if I were you. It has some personal info. Do it from the app or the browser

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    10-30-14 07:59 PM
  3. BCITMike's Avatar
    It's spam/malware. Delete it and move on.
    10-30-14 11:30 PM
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    Holy ****. Creepy AF

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    10-31-14 01:07 PM
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    They want your soul, Man. Your soul!!! It is just a scam, man. Don't listen to it.

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    10-31-14 01:08 PM
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    Too late, he opened it. Soul is gone. Anyway, seriously, it's probably just something about asking for personal info. If you click it, you'll be safe as long as you open it here. BB10 and BlackBerry in general aren't affected by this standard Malwares and viruses, as is obvious. But, it might drain your soul, Man....

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    10-31-14 01:10 PM

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