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    So, I probably only realized I wasn't getting proper calendar syncing between my Dtek60 and online with outlook or other mail programs on windows 10 when I bought the KEYone

    I sync all my email, contacts and calendars with my Hotmail account

    when I added my Hotmail account to my KEYone, I realized that not all my calendar events were showing up on the KEYone and then upon further investigating, they weren't all on Outlook.live either or Mail for Win10 either

    I see that on my DTEK60, under my Hotmail settings, there is a calendar called 'Events'
    - it is all those entries in the 'Events' calendar that are only on my Dtek60 and no where else, even though that 'Events' calendar is listed under my Hotmail account calendars on my Dtek60, along with my Birthday Calendar and Holiday Calendars, this Events calendar does not make it over to Outlook.live, my KEYone, or Win 10 Mail

    so, that is what I am trying to figure out, how I got this Events calendar in the first place and why it never syncs or backs up

    maybe it was from before an Outlook.live upgrade???

    anyone else have missing calendars?


    Oh, one last thing. When I go on to my Dtek60 and edit the appointments in the 'Events' calendar to put in another calendar that is properly syncing, in my case I have one called: 'calendar-use this one'
    on my KEYone, I now see the event, but it shows up under the 'Birthday' calendar even though 'Calendar-Use this one' is listed under my Hotmail account to be used.

    on my Dtek60 it still shows the proper calendar 'calendar-use this one'
    on my windows10 mail program, it now shows the calendar appointment, but I cant tell where it is saved under
    on Outlook.live, the appointment doesn't show up anywhere

    so, something happening, not sure if an outlook think or blackberry thing
    06-06-17 07:51 AM

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