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    Hi All,

    We are running BES5 and 10 (moving users over to 10 as their phones get upgraded). We have logging turned on for SMS, but some users still on the Bes5 do not seem to have any text messages logged. Checked the phone settings, policies, recreated the accounts on the BES, same thing. The logs show all texts from all other users, but these few (who have the same policies and settings) do not show up in the logs whatsoever. Been spending too long on this, and I'm starting to second guess everything, hehe, so any help or input would be appreciated...
    08-28-14 04:51 PM
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    Managed to get this resolved with a night of searching the Blackberry knowledge base:
    BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 or BlackBerry Business Cloud Services

    In the BlackBerry Administration Service, on the BlackBerry solution management menu, expand User.
    Click Manage users.
    Search for a user account.
    In the search results, click the personal identification number (PIN) that is associated with the smartphone.
    This will open the View Associated Device Screen
    In the Communications list located at the bottom right hand side of the View Associated Device Screen, click Resend service books to a device.

    For anyone who runs into the same issue
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    08-29-14 04:36 PM
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    Hi darthbaws,
    have you turn on your bbm logging?
    how does it work?
    i try to turn on, but somehow it creating a mail in the users sent item to the bes admin.
    it create a lot of noise and the users not happy with it, as they feel that bes admin are monitoring them.

    09-03-14 09:46 PM

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