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    I have 2 BB torch cell phones. I have no issues with mine. Battery lasts from 7am until 11pm, often still at 75% at bedtime. Use all day (text and e-mail, some FB or Twitter). The other phone I gave to my dad to use. Constant issues with battery drain. Replaced battery. Same thing. I recently upgraded to a new phone and gave him my old one since I had NO issues. Within a day, same battery draining issues. I checked that he is charging it correctly and he is. He likes to keep it in a waist pouch type case that has a magnetic closure. He wears hearing aids and carries extra hearing aid batteries in his wallet. Would either of these things cause the battery drain? It is going from 100% to 20% in a couple of hours. Any ideas?
    07-16-14 06:32 PM
  2. Stumpy the Raccoon's Avatar
    I used to have a Blackberry Torch 9850, in fact i had two of them. My first one had the issue (worked good up to a point) of randomly shutting off and restarting. I had tried to get it fixed but the people at my carrier's store didn't fix it. i ended up having to replace it with another one.
    My second torch was such a great phone. It worked smoothly for about 6 months. It worked up until about the middle of May. I started having trouble with the charging jack. Same thing with the one before, I had tried to get the problem fixed at my carrier's store (again, went there about 3 times. left it once for over 2 hours and it STILL wasn't fixed.) The problem continued to get worse until one morning I woke up to find it completely dead. It was hooked up to the charger and it hadn't charged. Took the phone back to TRY and get it repaired and they said the pins in the port were missing. They couldn't have figured that out earlier? They said the port couldn't be replaced because of it being connected to the motherboard or something. I was distraught cause I loved my Torch 9850. Even with the charging problem it was a good phone. Nice screen, good quality. i liked it. But I ended up having to have a replacement cause of said issues above. i now have a Blackberry Curve 9350. I still miss my torch.
    My advice to you is take it to your carrier's store before it is too late! Be persistent and make sure you are clear and tell them your problem and make sure they fix it. I am just telling you my story so you can see the trouble i had and hopefully you can get it fixed before it is too late...

    Still rocking the QWERTY keyboard on my BlackBerry 9350!
    07-16-14 06:53 PM

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