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    Hi all,

    hopefully someone can give me a tip for this problem: (image was here, but post get's marked as spam with any link)
    'Service of Blackberry Hub+'
    App Size: 52,76mb
    User Data: 11,48GB
    Cache: 143kb

    The 'Services for Blackberry Hub+' use an insane amount of storage (currently at 11,48GB - highest was about 16GB).

    Thinks I've tried:
    - Delete all accounts on hub
    - Deactivate/deinstall the hub (for that I had to revoke all permission, including device administrator, only then I could remove it)

    Did the last thing about a week ago, and today it's again using all my storage (I have about 500mb left).

    Accounts on my Hub:
    - 2x Exchange (both without attachment save, and only go back about ~2 weeks)
    - Whatsapp (not much media, mostly text)
    - Slack (nearly never used)
    - SMS/Telephone

    Last resort would be to reset my phone, but I would rather not (adding 2FA apps again is a hassle).

    Does anyone have any sort of tipp/can help? Please :-)

    Thanks for your answer
    02-08-19 03:14 AM

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