1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    My wife's Q10 move from Vibrate to Normal mode when I press simultaneously "Volume up" and "Power" buttons, this is very annoying as we very often depress those buttons accidentally.
    My Q10 does not do this, and I can't find a way to turn off this feature, can someone help me to stop this behavior ?


    08-23-14 03:48 AM
  2. eddy_berry's Avatar
    My devices, both Q and Z, don't do that either. Has she set her volume keys to adjust ringer volume or media volume? That can be found under Main Volume in the settings menu. If 'always adjust media volume' is off than it is set to adjust ringer volume. I usually leave it to adjust media volume and keep the volume setting in the quick settings pull down menu to quickly put it on silent.

    Posted via CB10
    08-23-14 04:11 AM
  3. gbonduelle's Avatar
    Thanks Eddy, it worked, the option "Always Adjust Media Volume" was "off", when I switched to "on" this behavior disappeared.
    Thanks you very much !!! I spent quite sometime trying to fix it !! The answer came here within minutes !
    08-23-14 04:23 AM
  4. eddy_berry's Avatar
    It was no problem. I couldn't help but think of the steps you would have to go through if that wasn't the issue. Glad it was fixed. Now make sure the volume control is in her top down quick settings so she can access that ringer volume toggle. It is good if she often needs to silence her BlackBerry.

    Posted via CB10
    08-23-14 04:30 AM

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