1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Hi there.

    I had my Z10 stolen. Not sure which version of BB10 it was running sorry.

    I flagged on protect, received the "this device has been flagged as stolen......." message although I'm sure the anti-theft icon was showing as inactive prior to this.

    Ever since the device has still been showing in link with a "now linked" message and cannot be removed.

    I have now deleted my entire blackberry ID and set up new one for replacement device out of worry.

    I have been told that after flagging link, etc can't be accessed by the device. Is this the case and does it sound like the flag actually applied and data was wiped?

    I would really appreciate any advice.

    Thank you.
    05-31-17 01:04 AM
  2. cbvinh's Avatar
    Did you flag the device as stolen because you didn't have a password on it? If you had a password on it, 10 tries by the thief would have wiped the device.
    05-31-17 01:35 AM

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