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    Is there an app on BBW that converts your pictures to a square to be uploaded to Inst10 or iGrann? I'm hoping to find something that would keep the same quality as the original picture but just in a square format to work with instagram like instasquare for iOS and Android.

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    Edit: I don't want to crop out any part of a picture just to make it square either.
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    04-05-15 09:16 PM
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    Why exactly do you need an app? The built-in photo editor is capable of doing this.
    04-05-15 09:56 PM
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    @blaze well the square feature on our phone just crops the picture... I want to keep the whole picture I don't want to be cutting any part of it just to make it square. I've tried some resizing app which makes it square while keeping the whole picture intact but it makes everything squished together.

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    04-05-15 10:59 PM
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    04-06-15 04:57 AM
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    Not sure if there is an app to accomplish this on the device, but you can accomplish this on a computer if you have appropriate photo editing software. For example, if you have a 1024 x 768 picture, you would "Modify/Canvas/Canvas Size" and change the canvas to 1024 x 1024 with the background color transparent; and leave the existing image centered. You would then have to save the picture in a format that keeps the transparency (.png, .gif, .psd, etc., depending on what program you use to edit the photo.)

    A tad bit complicated if you're not familiar with there types of programs, but if keeping the picture integrity is that important to you, then you don't really have a choice.
    04-06-15 07:49 AM
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    @dslocumb thank you so much... I use some software called Gimp and the method I used made it square and kept my whole picture together but made it squished and weird looking. Ima try your method as soon as I get home. Thanks again :-).

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    04-06-15 12:26 PM

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