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    I have just connected my PlayBook to my PC to do a backup and it's showing that there is 1.9GB used in the "Application Data" section. I am assuming this is downloads etc. but I know there's nowhere near that much on it - it's only got a small number of games and that's it.

    I used to have a PlayStation Emulator and games on there and that is where I think the space is - it was removed and I deleted the image files for the games but there must be something lingering still. (the backup I took prior to installing and removing this was much more sensible at around 300MB).

    I have gone through the system using a file manager but can't seem to find anything anywhere. Is there a magic folder I have not come across yet that there may be another copy hiding in still?

    Thanks in advance.


    07-06-17 02:53 AM

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