1. cnote221's Avatar
    BB Classic Running 10.3.2.X

    Power cycled my handset because it was running sluggish. All of my SMS threads I cant access. I'm not able to open the conversation or send a followup message. It seems like this message is corrupted?

    Now, all messages previous messages to each contact or group can't be opened. I click on the conversation, it goes to a blank compose screen.

    I can compose new messages. But If i compose a new message to someone, the new conversation and the old conversation are not merging as if they are different contacts. as if the old messages no longer exist, but they are still listed in the hub. Which makes me think they are still on the flash storage somewhere.

    Are these corrupted? Can they be restored? I'd like to get them back.

    *Shame on me I haven't backed my phone up in some time either .
    09-21-16 11:45 PM
  2. Pokarm's Avatar
    Did you try read them by BlackBerry Blend?
    09-29-16 03:02 PM

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