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    1. Sluggish lagged delayed typing. Intermittently. Typically in browser but does happen even in email.

    2. Incorrect word correction / substitution with a word i'd just used instead of relating to what i'm typing now.
    E.g. I type "I went [space]" and it gets changed to "I I"
    Or I type "it caused inconveniences on our end" and it changes to "it caused inconveniences on on on"
    It happens intermittently, and I'm a fast typist, so I actually have not been able to see if the wrong repeat word shows up in green over the space bar.
    3. Remembers "new words" when I've set it not to.

    My settings were
    Software release
    Z10 stl100-3
    On telus
    Prediction on
    Show prediction on
    Correct with space on
    Default language English UK
    Input languages English UK + Japanese (please do not suggest I shouldn't have two languages. That is not a solution or a reasonable work around.)
    Language detection off
    Quick switch off
    Google play by Cobalt
    Android Apps used (a few more are installed but never used): Google maps, asl finger spelling, team snap.

    Troubleshooting I've tried:
    A. Security wipe
    B. Security wipe + OS autoloader (release 2474 from here)
    C. Security wipe + OS autoloader + language English US
    D. C + input language English US + Japanese
    E. D + turning off "remember new words", correct with space bar

    I've loved my phone for 3 years even with the insufficient battery life. Absolutely the fastest for navigating within the phone, and very secure feeling when I've had stalkers. Now I want to throw it against a brick wall. Please help!!

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    11-18-15 12:38 PM
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    Another thing I just noticed.
    You know how we now have words auto substituting to emojis? (i personally hated this because I used my z10 for work as well. Who uses emojis in place of words like "lightning" in work emails?)
    These are all gone and is now showing up as a rectangle with an X in it (sms still renders emojis that are sent to me).

    Posted via CB10
    11-18-15 12:56 PM

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