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    I have a 9650 Bold (GSM/Verizon) . It's fairly new to me & then I did the Ver 6.0 bundle 3084 update (6.0.0719-platform, so I'm still learning. This is my first foray into smart phones!
    I am in the Philippines & bought a SUN SIM. It won't let me complete the call to initialize the load (prepaid service for 30 days) I bought. When I check the SIM info, it shows the correct ID & phone numbers for the SIM I bought.
    When I investigate the "service status" it still shows my USA phone number, but under "manage connections" it shows I am on the SUN network.
    Thanks for any help
    09-03-14 10:50 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Have you talked to the carrier about this? SUN?
    09-08-14 08:14 PM
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    Thanks for the input. It turns out I had a defective SIM (it was even verified in their test phone as defective). It would allow outgoing texts & calls, but would not allow incoming texts or calls. The Sun office couldn't (wouldn't) give me a new SIM, because the phone # of the defective sim didn't even show up on their system, so they could transfer the load (pre-paid usage) to another SIM. But somehow they could assure me that the load had been accepted to the Phone # that didn't work. This has been a real challenge, since they gave me a phone # to call, but when I went back to complain, they told me they are not allowed to answer that # if they are busy! The phone will work on their system now, if I manually dial the number, but it wont work if the same number is accessed & auto-dialed from my phonebook. I'm sure I changed some setting that has upset the auto-dial, I can work thru it, or just wait 10 days & I'll be back home, using CDMA w/o any SIM. Thanks!
    P.S. they finally got the system to recognize the defective SIM, so they transferred the load to the new #. Cell service here in the Philippines is different, to say the least. Even if your load expires, you can still receive text & calls, just can't use the phone for outgoing service.
    09-11-14 07:00 AM

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