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    I've been having a hell of a time with my Z10 on the Koodo network.

    I bought the phone (which was locked to Tbaytel, purchased an unlock code, when I check the settings it says it is unlocked, but when I insert the Koodo sim card it says "SIM not compatible."

    Sometimes I can receive/send a text, and sometimes I can make/receive a call. Most times I cannot. It will appear as if I've successfully sent a text but later I will receive a "general problem" notice below the text.

    I've called Koodo three times, visited the store twice. When I'm there for whatever reason the phone will be in a period when it CAN recieve and make calls.

    No one can figure out why this is happening. Any suggestions?

    Is it possible that the phone is not totally unlocked? Is that even a thing?

    -- I just did the factory reset, and got a "ME returned temporary error" message.
    08-22-14 11:54 AM
  2. Hamilton Guy's Avatar
    Check in Settings/Security and Privacy/SIM Card and scroll to the bottom. You should see the word "unlocked" in three places:
    Sim not compatible, Z10 on Koodo-img_00000037.jpg

    If you don't see all 3 the phone is not unlocked.

    EDIT: here's a thread from earlier this year, where the OP had a similar problem to yours. The stuff he found out maybe applicable to your issue:
    08-22-14 02:48 PM

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