1. rjshahan's Avatar
    Does anybody know how to silence BBM group notifications? I have gone into notifications and set "All Alerts" to "Off" and this works for the most part, except when a number of messages come in rapidly when the phone vibrates and beeps relentlessly.

    I am running the latest 10.2.1 OS and the latest version of BBM.
    06-20-14 05:56 PM
  2. MrGlenn's Avatar
    This is an issue that has been reported in the beta forums repeatedly. When you get simultaneous notifications it somehow over-rides the silent settings.

    I was under the impression that it was fixed on the most recent OS/BBM versions, as I have not had a problem with it since 10.2.1...

    BlackBerry 10 signed.
    06-20-14 06:03 PM

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