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    I successfully did the workaround from BB-ATT for both of our Privs when we began to lose signal several months ago in the Dallas area (though we had bought the phones several months prior to the problem arising- ?), which basically consisted of disabling 4G LTE. At the time, there was something to the effect that there was a software fix in the works as a solution, but have heard nothing further. If this is true, when will it be and, most importantly, will it enable LTE again without us needing to undo the workaround?

    Thanks, the shark
    01-14-17 12:29 PM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    The fix is in: "No Service" is displayed on AT&T PRIV

    Make sure your OS is on a recent version; for AT&T, that's AAI460 (January 2017 update), AAI020 (December 2016 update) or AAH667 (November 2016 update), preferably the first or second one. If you aren't on any of them, check for updates.
    01-14-17 01:32 PM

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