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    I would like to transfer my extensivbe memos from Bold 9780 to Z30, and a few apps that are working on my Bold perfectly and I use them all the time, but they are not available anymore, so wanted also to transfer those 3 or 4 apps if possible--which would possibly work better for that ?, (since Bold has OS 6)... if even possible to a few transfer apps? SD card? , Devices Switch, or BB Link?
    I need to send my old device (Bold 9780) back tonight
    (lost my new Z30, went back to my Bold til I could get another Z30. )
    Not sure whether to use Device Switch or BB Link if I want to transfer extensive MEMOS (if possible) and a couple apps-(if app transfer is possible?) switching devices from Bold 9780 to Z30 with different operating systems?
    Thanks for any direction on this _ I'm wasting a lot of time searching the forums and I need stop reading and choose a method and to get this Bold returned
    But by searching the forums, I am getting part of the answers I need, but not all, and both Device Switch and BB link are recommended but does one method work best for what I am trying to do? Thanks for any direction
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    07-30-14 05:25 PM
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    BBOS and bb10 do not use the same apps. So, moving/transferring is not possible.

    Memos can wind up in the Remember app but at this point I don't recall how that transfer/import works.

    It has been a while but I think I used the Switch wizard within link.

    Sorry, I'm not more help.
    07-30-14 05:43 PM

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