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    I have had a q10 for quite awhile and I love it's just that apps that I like on bbw are all native apps and 75% of them are native and don't work well for me. I like apps like snapchat and instagram etc. I use to be able to just use them great with the apk files and stuff. But they don't work anymore and I had to use snap2chat and I hated the wide screen and the massive battery life consumptions. When I took videos with it, it zoomed in to the left corner and it's too blurry. I use I grann but I can't take videos and on the android instagram version which hardly works has problems with posting pictures and making videos. I love the keyboard on the q10, but my q10 lately has been crashing everytime it's down to 15% battery. It's been freezing a lil too. The front facing camera does horrible in lowlight areas too. I still love it, I love os 10 but there's been problems I can't handle anymore you know? should I keep it or go get a 5s or iphone 6 when it comes out? Thanks a bunch.

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    08-23-14 03:38 PM
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    Sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes I am currently using one hand because of a injury.

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    08-23-14 03:40 PM
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    Try loading the new leak, the amazon app is on there ,and its working really good.
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    08-23-14 03:40 PM
  4. Mirbrah's Avatar
    Thanks for the info, where can I get the new leak?
    08-23-14 06:28 PM
  5. anon721037's Avatar
    08-23-14 06:31 PM
  6. fabio984's Avatar
    I have a 5S and i'm waiting for a Q10.
    A few months ago I had a Z10 and I miss a lot my iPhone. The most thing I loved on z10 was keyboard and HUB. Now ill give a try to a Q10, cause my last blackberry (which I loved) was the 9900, but I think ill have the same problem: apps.
    Anyway, if you want try iPhone, I think you should wait for the 6, may be will be announced September 9...
    The 5S usage battery (8am/10pm +/-) but I use it all the time, with 3 mailbox push. I also have a mophie battery case (100USD), which you dont need with blackberry, you can buy a spare battery for 15$...
    I don't know your history with smartphones, but you can see my signature. Hope this helps...
    08-28-14 06:27 AM
  7. Mirbrah's Avatar
    Thanks this helped alot. I knew the iphone 6 is going to be coming out soon but I also knew it will be way more expensive. And the 5s price dropped so I was going to get that. It's still a good phone. So im probably getting the 5s, mostly for the apps. I will always love my q10.
    08-31-14 10:17 AM
  8. parapep10's Avatar
    I don't see why going from a Q10 to an iPhone 5S or 6 is warranted in your situation. Not even a close comparison in hardware. You know that if you are looking for apps the Q10 screen dimensions will not work with most apps. You need to switch to the Z30 to get the proper apps working with Amazon app store or with Snap. Also depending on what BlackBerry 10 OS you are on makes a difference. 10.3 will solve all your issues with apps working. Good luck.

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    08-31-14 10:31 AM
  9. speechlesskeith's Avatar
    I came from the q10 to the 5s and I haven't been the happiest. Not a huge fan this being my first iPhone. The apps is why I switched as well and am with t-mobile so I am not sure what I am going to get next but I do not see myself keeping the iPhone!
    08-31-14 10:52 AM

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