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    I've been a blackberry user From 2012 til 2017. Back then, I've switched between so many blackberry devices ; starting from blackberry bold 9790 before I turn to blackberry Z10 - after a long search trip to find Q5 - that's when I've got satisfied with a blackberry with no physical keyboard.

    An accident occurred , Screen crashed !! The broken touch screen has obliged me to switch for another device . A mid-range huawei device came across and was available. With 4 GB Ram and 32 GB storage, I had fun with it but after a while , I felt something is missing and I had to stick to my current android device at least til I get my mind straight on what I really want. A Flagship android , could be Samsung or An IOS that could be iPhone 7 or Getting back to the great times on blackberry Qwerty getting things done ; to the age of writing with no limits .

    I even downloaded the blackberry hub services on my device - it doesn't work that well even - in an attempt to have the same old feeling of bb10 prosperity.

    What should I do honestly ? If I decide to get back to blackberry through a keyone for example ?

    Would it worth the sacrifice ? As I will sacrifice obtaining the highly-appreciated IOS or on the other side acquiring a good well-designed multi-functional piece of a device like a Samsung S8 or A9 .

    Your Answers will be of a great value to me .
    12-15-18 10:54 PM

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