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    Okay, i wasn't able to specify my needs for a phone. Well, for one, i'm more on productivity rather than entertainment. I use a phone for emails and messaging more frequently rather than gaming. (i find Android, and even iPhone games not too appealing even up to now) I'm one for customization, but it's not really a requirement of mine.

    I had a curve 9320 before, and the reception was topnotch. My Android.. not too much. As for my iPhone, the battery life is hell when reception is spotty. I'm looking to get the Z10, as i think that fits my budget and my needs.

    Although, a couple of things are holding me back. I'm not really sure if the UI is snappy enough to give a quicker access to messaging from the hub, and I'm not too sure about the battery life. I don't really care about installing Android apps, as I think that native apps from BlackBerry are enough for my needs.

    If I want gaming, I'd rather go for a 3DS or a Vita. Also, I don't use too much of Google's Services, so I'm sure switching won't be a problem for me. (The only thing I'm worried about is a YouTube app, I'm not sure if that's available on the Z10 as it was somewhat of a workaround on my 9320)

    Also, I heard that the Z10 has an awesome (but quite saturated) camera. How would you rate it? I'm posting here because I'm looking for personal experiences rather than reviews.

    I hope that at least sheds light to what I want. o____o.. or maybe that was a long read. But anyway, thank you in advance. I really want to own a Z10

    PS. I have an Android with a 4000mAh battery, so that's one of the things holding me back as well. sorry for being complicated o____o..
    12-05-14 08:02 PM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    One of the things you might throw up there is the carrier you're on, as it would help in advising you on whether it is the best move for you. I know a number of people are still happy with the Z10, even as it has grown slightly long in the tooth. The UI has only gotten better with age, according to the users I know.
    12-06-14 11:15 AM
  3. Chris Degroote's Avatar
    I use the Z 10 now for one and a half year. And i 'm very happy with the phone ( I use the bold 9780 before the Z10)
    I use the phone most for calls, email and text. He is my daily driver and I try every OS that is came out ( official and leaked)
    I 'm an average user, don't play games and running 3 email accounts.
    The only thing a want to see improved is the battery life. Once you go use the browser, BBM, etc, the battery drains really fast. But on the way use the phone I can make it easily true the day. From 6.30 am to 23 pm.
    The Z10 does everything I want.

    Posted via CB10
    12-06-14 11:40 AM

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