1. TemuKey's Avatar
    When I was using the BlackBerry bold I learned some of Shortcuts like
    " L + D = day
    L + T = Time
    Mypin = will show ur pin number
    Mynumber = will show ur phone number

    So can anyone tell me all the tricks of BlackBerry shortcuts

    Q10 SQN100-3 / Os
    04-04-15 06:13 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Shortcuts for BlackBerry-screenshot-2015-04-04-21.23.27.pngShortcuts for BlackBerry-screenshot-2015-04-04-21.23.06.pngShortcuts for BlackBerry-screenshot-2015-04-04-21.22.51.pngShortcuts for BlackBerry-screenshot-2015-04-04-21.22.40.pngShortcuts for BlackBerry-screenshot-2015-04-04-21.22.30.pngShortcuts for BlackBerry-screenshot-2015-04-04-21.22.20.pngShortcuts for BlackBerry-screenshot-2015-04-04-21.22.08.png

    Most of these are universal except some are for the Classic only plus, keyboard shortcuts can be customized on 10.3.1.
    04-04-15 07:24 PM

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