1. markus2107's Avatar
    Hey folks,

    I'm really thinking about ordering a Passport - now with the extra discount - on ShopBlackBerry. But I'm a bit confused about the whole tax / fee paragraph on ShopBlackBerry.

    Although the URL clearly shows that I'm a German customer (Locale=de_DE) there is something written, that there might be taxes if the device is imported to the EU. But how should I know if that's the case?

    I'm ordering on the ShopBlackBerry's German site, so can I excpect the total shown there will be the everything I have to pay or will there be extra customs duty?
    09-27-16 06:51 AM
  2. RadoR6's Avatar
    If you're ordering from European/German or UK store and the phone will be shipped to the EU country then you not going to pay any extra custom charges. You'll just pay for the phone plus postage.If it'll be shipped into non E country then all depends how lucky/unlucky you'll be.
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    09-27-16 09:09 AM

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