1. FishhPoohh's Avatar
    Anyone else having shipping issues? It's been 9 days since I ordered my white Z30. I've called and emailed Shopblackberry.com and get nothing but the same scripted response. We're out of stock at the moment blah blah blah. But yet you go online and you can still place orders for the Z30 on Shopblackberry.com.
    01-06-15 08:13 AM
  2. mikedolo's Avatar
    there;s already a forum about this already. Shopblackberry.com's service sucks. its no secret. do a forum search. it took me and 100's of other people about a month to get our passports. 3 weeks on the dreaded box shipment status. Good luck
    01-06-15 08:22 AM

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