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    So I've got a rather niche question here:

    I created a SharePoint Calendar at work. The purpose of this calendar is to allow a group of users to monitor a large number of All Day events, as these particular events are often readjusted and I can't keep up with manually informing all relevant parties each time.

    For my own convenience, I synched this SharePoint calendar with my outlook Calendar, so while I'm working I can always have these events in mind.

    Fast forward a little: Got a Passport, it's the bomb, we all know this. I had a work space created through BES, and synched my work calendar to it. It works great--except!--those All Day SharePoint calendar events do not appear.

    I know BB10 can do all day events (it's pulling tons of birthdays from FB, all day holidays from my standard work calendar, and so on), but the SharePoint calendar events are not showing. Stranger still is that in the BB10 calendar settings, this SharePoint calendar is listed as an "active" calendar, so it should display.

    Anyone run into such a behavior, or have any suggestions?
    07-04-15 10:10 AM

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