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    I have to say I hate BlackBerry (Z30) from my year suffering through it so far. Aside from not having access to as many apps and Android apps not always working properly on it, I have dealt with many many bugs. The most annoying one since I did the big upgrade almost a year or so ago was that there is always a lag when I answer calls. So after I answer, I have to either say "hello?" about 5x before the person can hear me. Or I have to wait for 10+ seconds before I say hello since I know they won't hear me right away. When I try to place calls, there is also a lag when I try to get into the dialer. So I press the icom to place a call and wait and wait before it opens. Then I wait and wait after dialing before I hear anything. Lately, it has been really bad. I just spent a good 10 minutes trying to call my voicemail, but the lag is so severe that by the time I get in and hear anything, the automated voice is asking me if I am still there. Then when I try to press any # key commands, there is a 30 second lag before it registers and then voicemail hangs up on me because of "inactivity." I still have not been able to check my voicemail so thought I would post this instead. This is driving me crazy. How do I fix it? I can imagine how detrimental this would be if I had an emergency.. like an intruder in my home and had to call 911. I'd probably be dead due to inability to call quickly. Help!!

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    10-24-15 09:58 PM
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    Just rebooted and it helped with the severe lag, but there is still the usual lag (just lessened the amount of lag). Argh, still hating BB...

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    10-24-15 10:25 PM
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    Good to hear. Have you updated to 10.3.2?
    10-24-15 11:23 PM
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    All updated but still lags

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    04-13-16 12:46 AM

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