1. rhitdoph's Avatar
    Dear users,

    how can I set my Z10STL100-2/ not to flash the red light on new notifications?

    There is no setting for notifications in Profiles.

    02-03-15 03:04 PM
  2. pharandemahesh's Avatar
    If you want to disable for specific app/ Contact

    Go to settings --> notifications --> scroll to bottom select app or contact you want to disable notification --> led to off

    To turn it off for everything under notifications you have a option LED and u can turn that off...
    02-04-15 12:26 AM
  3. rhitdoph's Avatar
    There's no entry for the Notifications in the settings for any profile, see the screenshots, please.

    Set no red light on notification (ignore notifications)-img_20150204_072900.png
    Set no red light on notification (ignore notifications)-img_20150204_072907.png
    Set no red light on notification (ignore notifications)-img_20150204_072911.png
    Set no red light on notification (ignore notifications)-img_20150204_072915.png
    Set no red light on notification (ignore notifications)-img_20150204_072919.png
    02-04-15 12:31 AM
  4. pharandemahesh's Avatar
    I'm using 10.2.1 but try going inside some application and I guess you should have option for LED ... its this way on 10.2.1

    Here is my screen shot

    Posted via CB10
    Attachment 331700
    02-04-15 12:33 AM
  5. rhitdoph's Avatar
    I think there a misunderstanding about the "notification". I don't want to adjust the notifications for an app. I want to adjust the red light for THE Notifications (all appearing in that subsection of the Hub), see attachment.

    Set no red light on notification (ignore notifications)-img_20150204_073956.png

    And I don't see any entry for that in the settings.
    02-04-15 12:43 AM

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