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    Is there any service access fee to use a blackberry to be paid directly to blackberry? What kind of email can you get if you don't want the blackberry push service, which costs money? I'd like to get my first blackberry, like a bold 9000, possibly on tracfone, but they are talking about some restriction on blackberry phones? I really want a blackberry and any info will help. Thanks!!!
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    05-10-17 07:05 PM
  2. anon(2313227)'s Avatar
    Any BB10 or Android phone will not have SAF.
    SAF only applies to BBOS7 and below like the 9000 you mentioned.
    This is up to your carrier. If you don't pay SAF for older BB phones, you will get no data.
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    05-10-17 07:07 PM
  3. thurask's Avatar
    Any BBOS 7 device or older, including the 9000, requires a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) plan with your carrier in order to use mobile data. BB10 or BB Android use regular data, like normal phones. Not every carrier offers BIS, and while it is theoretically possible to use a phone of that vintage without BIS, it's up to you whether the whole deal is worth it. Frankly, if you want to mess around with a phone with a keyboard, find a Q10 on Craigslist.
    05-10-17 07:12 PM

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