1. Abhinavsinghh's Avatar
    I'm using blackberry z10 STL 200. In some forum I read about sensor problem and where I know about the ghost commander file manager app, where I check my sensor folder where only light and proximity sensor files are missing so I don't know what should I do how to get back these files again. Please help me.
    Sensor Problem. PROXIMITY and LIGHT sensor files are MISSING-img_20150916_010529.png

    Posted via CB10
    09-15-15 02:37 PM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    The first thing I would suggest is running the Sensor Test in the BBVE (BlackBerry Virtual Expert) app.

    Have you been experiencing an issue that leads you to believe you have a sensor problem?
    09-15-15 05:36 PM
  3. Abhinavsinghh's Avatar
    Yes, after receiving the call screen doesn't go inactive, as well as automatic brightness is not working I tried to point finger in front of sensor to check it's working or not but it's not working. Then I went to BBVE and it's show SENSORS UNAVAILABLE then I moved to ghost commander to know its hardware problem or software problem and as told by someone in Crackberry forum to check the sensors file it's available or not and it's not available , I don't think it's an hardware problem because other sensors are working fine.

    Posted via CB10
    09-17-15 08:59 AM

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