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    So my question is:

    For example, I get an email from someone whose address is already in my contacts (local contacts more specifically if that's relevant) but the sender shown in Hub is not the names I have for that person in my contacts. How do I set it so that already known and added senders will be shown as the names I have for them in my contacts?

    I'm asking because it is important to me. What I do is I update my Contacts with new or updated information from people who send emails or messages to me, so the next time the person contacts me and the message or email show up in Hub, I can easily identify by the way the sender is displayed to determine if I already have this email address in my Contacts or if I have to add the new address to my Contacts. Right now, regardless of whether the address is or is not in my Contacts, the Sender is always displayed as the way the person on the other end intended it to be displayed.

    Help would be appreciated. Thanks all.

    Posted via CB10
    12-28-15 03:29 PM

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