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    I got a second-hand Passport last week and the guy from whom I received it had initiated a Security Wipe (no surprise there). The Security Wipe will get as far as 99% and then it seems to stop there. I've looked on Crackberry for advice, and it was mentioned that I install Blackberry Link, which I did. But when I plug the phone into my USB cable (and I've tried a few different ones to make sure it's not the cable), nothing happens. The PC doesn't recognize that the phone is plugged in. I've held down the power button for those ten seconds and the phone restarted the Security Wipe process, but I ended up with the same results.

    So what should I do now?
    05-02-16 07:25 PM
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    Do a "hard" reboot while connected to BB LINK on PC.

    Hold power button down for 20 -30 seconds and try and force recognition. Wipe will restart but should speed through...be patient it could take about 30 mins.

    Or just use an autoloader with your preferred OS.



    Select required file from following link


    Posted via CB10
    05-03-16 01:01 AM

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